Xenon H7 Bulb

Last updated on February 25th, 2016 at 07:45 pm

You may be wondering if you should upgrade your car’s standard halogen headlights with a new set of Xenon H7 Bulbs. Below we will take a look at some factors to consider before swapping out your halogen bulbs with a newer Xenon H7 bulb. We will also show you some of the options available to you when shopping for H7 Xenon bulbs.

Xenon H7 headlight bulbs have revolutionized the way car enthusiasts  around the world approach nighttime driving. Instead of relying on the old halogen headlights, with their yellow, directional, and weak light, an increasing group of drivers across the globe are switching to xenon HID bulbs. Xenon H7 bulbs are more energy efficient and more effective at lighting the road.

Why A Xenon H7 Bulb Upgrade?

Many things in life are based on opinion, while other things are a matter of fact. When we say that xenon H7 headlights are far superior to traditional halogen bulbs is a matter of fact. Measuring using every performance metric available, xenon H7 bulbs outperform their halogen headlight counterparts. First, a xenon H7 bulb is much brighter than a halogen bulb, giving off a much stronger light. Quite often a xenon H7 bulb will be as many as 3-5 times brighter vs the standard halogen option. This aids in making the road much better lit in the evening or low visibility conditions.

xenon H7 Bulb

With this added brightness, you may automatically assume that xenon H7 bulbs consume a good bit more energy from the car vs that which would typically be used by halogen bulbs. However, due to the way that these H7 headlights work, by exciting a special xenon gas via an electrical charge instead of heating a filament, H7 bulbs actually work much more effectively and efficiently than traditional halogen bulbs. This means that a xenon H7 bulb can provide a brighter quality of light which does a superior job of lighting the pavement you drive, while also using less energy. What’s more, halogen bulbs don’t last nearly as long as some of the high quality, xenon H7 headlight bulbs, many of which can last for up to 150,000 or more road miles. Being that xenon H7 bulbs have so many advantages of traditional halogen, it’s difficult to understand why the majority of drivers are still happy with their old-school headlights.

Xenon H7 Bulb Options

PhilipsVision Upgrade4.0ReviewsCheck Price
SylvaniaXtraVision4.3ReviewsCheck Price
PhilipsX-treme Vision +130%4.1ReviewsCheck Price
GENighthawk4.1ReviewsCheck Price
GENighthawk PLATINUM3.7ReviewsCheck Price
SylvaniaSilverStar Ultra Halogen3.9ReviewsCheck Price

Xenon H7 Bulbs: How To Upgrade

Once you have decided on which H7 bulb is best for your car using our handy headlight selector, it’s time to move forward with the upgrading process, which is usually quite simple. Upgrading to xenon H7 bulbs is really quite straightforward, and each of the headlight kits are designed to be installed by novice motorists all over world. With each headlight conversion kit, you will find included detailed and easy to read instructions that will lead you to a successful installation, all with minimum fuss or hassle. You really shouldn’t need any special tools or any fancy equipment other than the supplied components in the conversion kit. The entire xenon H7 bulb upgrade process shouldn’t take you more than 25-30 minutes. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the upgrade result, you can always simply reverse the process, thus reinstalling your old halogen headlights back into your car.

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