LED Headlights

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Back in the day, light emitting diodes (LEDs) were used simply as flashing lights on bulky computer cases. They have come a long way since then. Today, LEDs are key components in TV’s, phones, and, of course, modern cars. Many feel that LED headlights are the future of the industry.

Facts About LED Headlights

LEDs are used in a plethora of products that we use today. Most of the lighting found in today’s instrument panels, car interiors, and even entertainment head units is from LEDs. Additionally, arrays of light emitting diodes are used in brake and indicator lights, and also in fog lamps. The small size of LEDs allows them to be fashioned into more distinct and ever thinner designs and shapes, which is just one of the reasons why auto designers love them.

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While it is true that LED headlights currently cannot achieve the brightness of their HID rivals, they have the advantage of hitting their

LED Headlights

LED Headlights

maximum brightness much faster – within one one-millionth of a second.  Compare that with the .5 second required by halogen lights. Due to their near instant-on light, some believe that LED brake lights improve the reaction time of some drivers by as much as 30%. In addition to this, some LED bulb manufacturers are claiming a lifespan of potentially up to 15,000 hours for their brand of LED headlamps.

While Xenon lights can get slightly hot, and halogens very hot, LEDs hardly even get warm. This is probably their greatest advantage, in that instead of heat, they convert nearly all of the energy supplied to them into light. In fact, all of the heat produced by LED headlights is not on the bulb’s surface, but rather at their electrical base.

Just a few years ago, LED headlights were only available on cars that were retailing for upwards of $200,000. Cars like the Lexus LS and Audi A8. Although, in a more economical class, the Toyota Prius was also equipped with LED headlights. Thanks to recent advances, LED headlights are now starting to become more mainstream. Manufacturers have been able to solve some earlier problems with regard to brightness and bottom-end heat dissipation.

LED Headlights Types

There are many different kinds of LED headlights available on the market today. A couple of the LED headlights options that you may want to ponder are the day running lights and the bright LED headlights. You might also want to consider LED headlights that have a number of different brightness options.

LED Headlights Safety

Please understand that LED headlights are not legal in all regions, so it is vital to check on the laws in your area before purchasing any LED headlights. Because LED headlights are newer technology, you should also make sure that you are purchasing LED headlights from a best LED headlight bulbs for cars maker that follows all the industry standards and  regulations for car headlights.

How To Install LED Headlights

If you decide to install LED headlights on your car, you should first read the vehicle’s owner manual. This will help you to learn about the electronic circuitry of your car. The instructions and manuals that came with the LED headlights should also be thoroughly read. Be sure that you purchase the proper kit, as not every size of LED headlight kit will fit your car. You will need to decide if you want a separate control panel to operate the LED headlights or if you want to align it with the car’s original headlights.

It should be fairly easy to install a switch or control panel on an access plate. You should first disconnect the negative cable from the car’s battery, and holes may need to be drilled in order to mount the brackets for the LED headlights. The entire light assembly is screwed into the holes. Once complete, you simply need to connect the lights to give them power and they should work. Keep in mind that the wires of the switch or control panel also have to be connected to the battery for the lights to work.

On some models, keep in mind that the dash on some cars may indicate that the bulbs are burned out due to the fact that LED headlights use so little power. You could fix this problem by installing load resistors across the LED bulbs that are considered bad. If you don’t feel comfortable installing the LED headlights yourself, you can always get a mechanic or other experienced person to install them for you.

One great way to spruce up the appearance of your car, while taking advantage of the efficiency of LEDs, is to get an LED headlight conversion kit.

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