HID Lights

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Most car enthusiasts would agree that converting your old halogen headlights to more modern HID headlights is one of the quickest, slickest, and most affordable mods that you can do to your car. Switching to bi-xenon HID lights is a cost-effective way to dramatically improve the appearance of your vehicle. Check out this video from CNET. This video does a fantastic job of explaining both the past and the future of car headlights.

Automotive headlight technology is evolving incredibly rapidly. Between bi-xenon HID or xenon 8000k HID, LED and LED arrays, and even futuristic laser headlights, there are more choices than ever, and trying to determine which are the best headlights or best headlight bulbs for your car is more challenging than ever.

Facts About HID Lights

HID Lights

HID Lights

More commonly known as HID, High Intensity Discharge is a type of lighting technology. HID headlights use an electrical charge to ignite a special type of gas inside of a sealed bulb. The type of gas used is called xenon gas. This is very similar to lightning in a thunderstorm. Instead of using a filament, HID lights instead produce light in a different manner. They use two electrodes, which are sealed within a quartz capsule. The air-tight chamber is filled with xenon gas. Upon ignition of the xenon gas, light is produced. HID headlamps are also sometimes referred to as xenon headlights, referring to the xenon gas that is inside of the bulb.

HID and bi-xenon lights have grown significantly in popularity over recent years. You may be surprised to learn that HID’s are not a new technology. They have actually been around for quite some time. The BMW 7-series, in 1991, utilized the first HID headlights. The HID headlights technology was still very expensive, at that time. However, as the cost has gone down for high intensity discharge lights, they have been appearing on more vehicles. Today, even some entry-level models use HID headlights. Although, it is usually the higher-end vehicles that use the best HID headlight bulbs. HID technology have a variety of key advantages over the traditional halogen headlights.

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HID Headlights Provide Improved Visibility

Good quality bi-xenon bulbs are great at producing a brighter, more natural, crisper light than halogen headlights. Have you ever noticed that the light produced by traditional halogen headlights is somewhat yellow? Many drivers find this can be distracting. Studies have proven that driver’s using HID lights have a good bit more visibility. This increased visibility can increase reaction time in a potentially emergency situation.

HID Car Headlights Are More Attractive

A lot of drivers upgrade to HID headlights, using replacement HID headlight conversion kits, as an aesthetic upgrade. The HID

HID car headlights

HID car headlights

conversion kits offer a much more sophisticated and cleaner look than old, yellowed halogen bulbs. HID lights are typically seen on luxury cars. Using affordable HID headlight kits to install them in your vehicle can be a great aesthetic upgrade.

Many experts consider HID light bulbs to be the future of automotive lighting. That being said, there are others who feel that LED or laser headlights are the future.

HID Bulbs Use Less Energy

HID bulbs consume far less energy than their traditional counterparts, halogen headlights. In fact, they use around 25 to 30 percent less energy. By using this much less energy, HID headlights can potentially extend the life of your car’s internal charging system. This is due to the fact that the energy needed to power the headlights is provided by your car’s battery and electrical system.

HID Lamps Are Longer Lasting

Xenon bulbs, such as the popular xenon 8000k and xenon 6000k, last as much as three times as long as halogen headlights. This results in less waste being produced, and less maintenance for the vehicle owner. These headlights can easily be installed using one of the many HID light kits.

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Difference Between Bi-Xenon And Xenon 8000k Bulbs

On most newer cars, xenon-equipped headlights are usually only offered as a low-beam headlight. The xenon 8000k is one example. A halogen bulb is then used for the high beam. Bi-xenon headlights, on the other hand, offer xenon-light output for both the high and the low beams. Additionally, they are housed together in the same headlight capsule and/or projector.

While being used as low-beams, bi-xenon headlights have a filter or shade in front of the bulb. The shade retracts when the high-beams are being used. This allows the bulb’s full-light to be output and projected onto the road ahead. Since xenon 8000k bulbs are only used for low-beam mode, they do not have any sort of filter.

Bi-xenon headlights today are offered in higher-end, luxury makes like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and BMW.

In general, both bi-xenon headlamps and xenon 8000k headlamps offer a far brighter light output than traditional, standard halogen headlights. Xenons are typically identified by their slightly bluish tint. You can check out Wikipedia for further info about HID lights. CarsDirect offers this great guide to buying and changing HID lights.

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LED Headlights: Conversion Kits and Bulbs Growing in Popularity

Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are growing in popularity. Essentially, LEDs, which can fit easily into an electrical circuit, are simply tiny light bulbs. However, LED headlight bulbs don’t have a filament that can and will burn out, like traditional filament bulbs. Moreover, they don’t get particularly hot, either. LED headlights are illuminated exclusively by the movement of electrons inside of a semiconductor material, and they will last just as long as your standard transistor. In comparison to the short lifespan of an incandescent bulb, the lifespan of an LED headlight surpasses it by thousands of hours.

Just like HIDs, several companies manufacture LED headlight conversion kits.

Laser Headlights: The Future of Automotive Headlights?

The next major development for car lighting seems to be Laser Headlights. Laser headlight technology has one major advantage. That advantage of laser headlight technology is how extremely focused the light is, and with the high precision that it can be directed. Due to the light emitting surface being very small, this allows the laser headlights to be designed much more compact than current models.

At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, the high-end German car maker, BMW, announced the innovation of laser headlights. BMW showcased the new technology on their i8 hybrid sports car concept.

According to BMW, the laser headlights have an illumination power up to 1,000 times more powerful than LEDs. LEDs, up until just recently, offered the greatest wow factor of all the headlight bulb technologies available. Because of this, BMW says, the laser headlights can be much smaller than traditional automotive lighting systems. Additionally, they will use less energy to operate. And quite frankly, they look pretty darn slick, if you ask us.

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